The Adventures of Jingle….Part 2

Our silly elf Jingle has been up to his crazy shenanigans again! When we left off on Day 8, Jingle was almost eaten by a dinosaur in Aiden’s room! Let’s see what he’s been up to since then…

On Day 9, Jingle decided he was going to hoard all of our candy canes on the Christmas tree!

On the morning of Day 10, we found that Jingle had left a little reminder for the kids..

I guess on Day 11, Jingle was thirsty. We found him in the fridge drinking a Juicy Juice. I’m sure he was also enjoying the cool refrigerator. He sure isn’t used to our Florida weather.

We all know elves have a sweet tooth! Jingle had a little midnight snack on Day 12!

On Day 13, the kids searched everywhere for Jingle…they were just about to give up when they saw that silly elf taking a ride on the fan!

And so it seems that elves are addicted to social networking too…check out where we found Jingle on Day 14..

He also really likes watching movies while everyone is sleeping. On Day 15, we found him in the living room watching Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

On Day 16, we found Jingle hanging out with our Christmas cards.

To be continued…


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